Q: Are replacement parts available?
A: Yes. Please call our customer service number and we would be glad to help you.

BG-01 Original Brush Grubber
Q: Is there any assembly required for the BG-01 Original Brush Grubber?
A: No. Item comes completely assembled in the box.

Q: Is there a certain place on the small tree/brush I should place the grip pads of the BG-01?
A: Yes, place the grip pads of the Brush Grubber towards the top of the small tree/brush where it is cut off. This will provide the most leverage.

Q: Should the small tree/brush be cut off at any certain length?
A: Yes, the small tree/brush should be cut off at about 3-4 feet to prevent the small tree/brush from falling on the operator.

Q: With the “strong spring loaded jaws”, how do you open the “Brush Grubber” to place on a tree?
A: You grab them from either side of the teeth and push/pull them apart. If the base is butted against something then it’s more like pushing down toward the base.

Q: What size steel is the BG-01 Original Brush Grubber made of?
A: The BG-01 is constructed of 3/8” steel.

BG-02 Metal Handled Brush Grubber
Q: Is there assembly required for the BG-02 Metal Handled Brush Grubber?
A: Yes, there is some assembly required for the BG-02. Please see the assembly instructions available on this items page.

Q: Are the jaws for the BG-02 Metal Handled Brush Grubber and BG-03 Fiberglass Ironclad Handled Brush Grubber interchangeable?
A: No. Due to different size jaw assemblies and different diameter handles these jaws are not interchangeable.

Q: What is the most common use for the BG-02 Metal Handled Brush Grubber?
A: This model is most commonly used around the yard or garden to remove small nuisance brush or small shallow rooted trees. It is an excellent tool to use in areas with limited space. The BG-02 Metal Handled Brush Grubber is a great tool for removal of buckthorn that is 1-1/2” in diameter and smaller.

BG-10 Post Puller/Extractor
Q: Will the BG-10 Post/Tree Puller work on Steel Posts?
A: Yes it will work on studded steel T-posts as well as wood fence posts and railroad ties.

Q: What size skid loader or tractor can I use with the BG-10 Post/Tree Puller?
A: We recommend using the BG-10 Post/Tree Puller on 40HP skid loaders/tractors and under. Do not use with more than 750lbs of pulling force.

Q: Will the BG-10 Post/Tree Puller work on all forks?
A:The BG-10 fits on most standard solid forks for a skid loader or tractor. The BG-10 does not fit on tubed forks.

Q: What keeps the BG-10 Post/Tree Puller from falling off the forks?
A: There are two bolts that will tighten down onto the forks preventing the Post/Tree Puller from sliding off.