How BrushGrubber Started:

Anyone who has tried to remove brush or small trees knows how frustrating it can be. We could never find any specific products devoted to removing small and large brush, and the old methods of wrapping a chain around small brush, using a shovel to remove roots, or trying to remove something larger was never easy.

Hence, the original BrushGrubber idea was born. After some trial and a few modifications, we believe this is one great tool for all kinds of uses. Everyone who tried the original brush grubber said: This thing is Great!.

We heard it so many times, we thought we must be onto something good. So good, we decided to patent the idea.

Since the original model, we’ve developed a full line of tools and are working on more! Our range of tools has models for use by hand, pulled with ATV’s or UTV’s, and models designed for use with Skid Loaders or Small Tractors. Send us any ideas you may have to make the BrushGrubber better!

Our Mission:
Our parent company BAC Industries, brings the BrushGrubber line of tools for removing Brush, Small Trees, or Fence Posts.

Our mission:  To offer the most efficient, durable tools for removing brush and small trees at a great value to save time and labor, while keeping customer satisfaction our primary goal. 

Please take some time to browse our web site. We ALWAYS like feedback or ideas to improve. Email us anytime at info@brushgrubber.com

Or contact us by mail at:

BrushGrubber.com (a division of BAC Industries)
PO Box 155
Miltona, MN 56354
Phone: 218-943-6290
Fax: 218-943-6292